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    I have not been updating here much because I was busy. With many blogs in hand due to my interest I lack of time to update.

    Check out my blog for video wushu in

    Another for my parenting lifestyle.

  • New blogs for me

    I love blogging and you not find me here because I am busy there. Just a few new blogs which I started nd hope continue with my blogging interest.

    Come visit me at

  • Oh that koreadol!!

    I am so sad that one of my blogs are no longer mine. Because the blogger that I won the contest from not transfer the domain to me. It was expired five days ago no way to get the domain back as she refused to reply my email, even I find her at facebook.

    She put her name as koreadoll in email but she is not korea she is from another country. I cannot believe she did this to me. :(

  • What's for Mother's Day?

    I am thinking what to get for my mom, other then giving her a free service of hair dye because her hair colour not nice any more. I am thinking what else I can get for her, maybe a set of cosmetics but she told me that she still got them.

    I love my mom and I only get to see her twice a week. My mom is staying at nursing home because my dad not able to take care of her. She missed home but sad to say she is not able to go home as doctor says her condition is not steady.

  • Unfair to me

    It has been sometimes since I last update here, I am not happy as my housemate takes advantage of me. She ask me to help her pay the clothes that she purchase and she not giving me the full payment. The clothes she purchase cost almost $50 and she only given me half the money. She thinks I am not going to ask the money from her, she just pretends of not knowing or listen a word I am saying.

    You bet I am not happy because it is my hard earn money! She will choose the clothes that I like to purchase so I am not able to purchase. The clothes I like are all selling last piece. :(

  • New Year Resolution

    What would be my New Year Resolution? I am thinking of it but there is for sure that I hope that I can continue to do what I love. My parents are my motivation and they encourage me to do what I like. I know sometimes they are too busy to chat with me.

    Life is short, spend every moment you had with your loved one. I think that is best present for everyone. You cannot buy time with money.

    You cannot go back in time but you can plan for your future. Things are getting costly and I hope I am able to continue doing what I love with low cost.

  • They are on holiday

    My relatives are in Singapore having their holiday and they will be back to their country in just few days. I am glad they are enjoying themselves, my aunt is super woman she is able to take care many kids. I am so proud of her and I admire her patience in caring for kids.

    I know that education is important because I can read and write better. Some people not think so as they don't have interest in education. I think everyone has got things they like to do. I just hope I can learn more and do more in this life.

  • Cooking madness

    I don't know how to say this but I must confess to you that I hate cooking. With Technology today, I am happy that we can choose the microwave ovens that suitable for us to use. I think with microwave ovens give us an easier job in cooking.

    I know that if you are in the baking industry, you need to provide many cakes for sell. I know that the suitable microwave oven will do the work correctly. When your demand increases you will need more than one microwave oven to bake.

    Most fast food restaurants having more than microwave ovens to provide the food. There is no more cooking hassle today as you can get your food done fast. I think you can make many delicious food with microwave oven.

  • Shopping for new year

    I have plan on shopping for New Year, yeah I am eyeing on bags as I love to have bag collection. But I feel bad at the same time as I know I don't always use them. So what should I do? I think to share the bags with my mom as she can always pick one that she prefers.

    My friend is not happy to see me shopping because I can shop and she cannot. She shopped more than me as she had new clothes and shoes. She wore gold jewellery on the wedding dinner she attended and she also slept with the jewellery. As for me I cannot do that at all, I prefer to have plain jewellery as I do not like to show off. I cannot sleep with my jewellery, how about you?

  • Jealousy

    My friend told me that she is jealous of her sister-in-law because her hubby purchase her a set of diamond jewellery. I don't know why she needs to be jealous as she should be happy to see that her bro care so much for his wife.

    Anyway she keeps saying that her bro should purchase diamond for her mom. Anyway I don't know what to say as I find it is not my problem.

    I am happy with what I have and I don't think diamond can make me happy if I am not happy.


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